Welcome to our website we are called Learn How 2 Tattoo and we’re a tattoo training academy that is based in the beach resort of Pattaya, ThailandWe offer tattoo courses so you can get all the training skills and knowledge needed to become a professional tattoo artist.  We run tattoo courses from 2 weeks up to 8 weeks so you can be sure that you will leave being able to tattoo to a very high standard. We run courses in Thailand because we can offer courses lasting up to 8 weeks for much less then it would cost in the UK and that’s including your flight and accommodation. 

If you’re serious about becoming a professional tattoo artist then we recommend doing at least the 3 or 4 week tattoo course at our tattoo academy because 2 weeks just isn’t enough if you are a beginner and you will be wasting your money. Also at our academy you will have live models to tattoo on doing real tattoos, in the UK you just do a tattoo on a friend at the end of the 2 week course (if they let you) here we have various live models for you to tattoo on doing many different types of tattoos getting the actual hands on experience you need to become a professional tattoo artist and if you want to stand a chance of making it in this industry this is very important and this is what we do here at learn how 2 tattoo.

The tattoo course has been designed so all students can learn at their own pace so you can relax and enjoy yourself in picking up your tattooing skills. It’s a very comprehensive course so by the time you leave us here you will have gained all the skills and knowledge needed for your new career as a tattoo artist.

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By choosing us for your tattoo training you will be able to get started with your tattoo career sooner than if you were to complete a 1 or 2 year apprenticeship at a tattoo studio making cups of tea and sweeping floors, here we teach you tattooing from the off and we have various different courses for people wanting to become a professional tattoo artist.

Some tattoo examples of our students work on live models, you will also have plenty of practice doing this.

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Learn How 2 Tattoo is the sister website of The Tattoo School